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Want to join or renew your membership in the RAPC?

(For current members, please call the RA Centre to renew your membership at 613-733-5100.  Or, in person, go to the Member and Guest Services desk in the East end of the RA Centre. Click here for contact information and hours of operation.) 

The RA Photo Club brings together people who enjoy and want to learn more about photography. We welcome amateur photographers of all levels. Potential members are welcome to join up to three regular Tuesday meetings free of charge.

The RAPC offers a variety of options to explore and expand your photographic interests such as:

- hearing accomplished  photographers speak on a vast array of topics;

- workshops and educational opportunities to learn how to create Audio-Visual productions, Fine Art images, Still Life images, and much more; and

- nature and urban outings.

More information is available here.


RAPC Mission Vision & Values


A volunteer-driven club providing its members opportunities to increase their knowledge and to apply this knowledge to improve their skills and achieve their photographic goals and objectives.


To provide our members with a full range of programs and services that serve their needs regardless of their area of photographic interest or their current capabilities.


Our club values:

gaining and sharing knowledge and experience across all aspects of photography

members who are involved and willing to help other members and the club

having fun through exploring and sharing photographic opportunities with other members

The RAPC Gallery

The Gallery is located just outside Clark Hall at the west entrance of the RA Centre

The Gallery themes for 2023-24 will be the following:

September to January  - Bruce Wilson Competition which was held in May 2023.  The Bruce Wilson Competition honours the late former Club member, Bruce Wilson, who excelled in the art of B&W photography.  Eight Club members who participated will be featured.  The Gallery will be ready for the Open House on September 12th.


For the following themes, members may submit digital images and/or prints.  Timelines and additional information for submission will be sent to all members by email throughout the year.

January to April - The theme is MOVEMENT.  Images are to show MOTION or ACTION of any kind:  vehicles, animals, humans (sports, dance, etc).

April to September - The theme is LIFE IN THE CITY.  URBAN SCENES:  architecture, street photography, special events, protests.  Images can be colour, B&W, tinted or processed using alternate processes.

September - The theme is FACES.   Images must capture PEOPLE from home or around the world, including studio portraits, street portraits, travel or family portraits.  Images can be colour, B&W, tinted or processed using alternate processes.

RA Photo Club Open House

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

RA Centre

2451 Riverside Drive Ottawa

7- 9 PM

  • Photography Exhibition
  • Interest Groups Booths
  • Free Model Shoot
  • Studio Demos
  • Photo Books
  • AV Shows

We welcome Photographers of all experience levels

Free Parking

To sign up for upcoming Events such as Outings (Urban, Nature or Fine Art), or Workshops, click here


List of Competitions for the upcoming Club year 2023-2024  click here


List of Studio Workshops for Club year 2023-2024 - Click here


Monthly Showcase Instructions and Deadlines for Club year 2023-2024 - Click here


Strategic Planning Documents for 2022-2023 -  click here


Tuesday Evening Presentations can be found in Documents (from the banner at the top of the webpage, go to   Members/Documents/Presentations and Workshops, then click on the year/folder


Club Program

Tuesday night meetings.

We are using the CAPA definition of Nature which can be found in “Nature Definitions/Competition Details” at Please note that a limited amount of ‘Hand-of-Man’ is permitted in some categories of Nature, but you need to read the definition carefully to see what is and what is not allowed in specific situations.

Please note:  With this topic, only limited editing is allowed.  Adjustments in brightness, contrast, cropping and local exposure adjustments are allowed.  Cloning , healing and other processes that add, remove or move content, other than for the removal of sensor dust, are  not permitted.

Gary will share some of the principles and techniques of composition and photographic design that he has learned and applied in his work over the last 4 decades. Some of the topics he will cover are:

- How to find and create images that stand out from the crowd by using light, colour, scale, pattern, symmetry, texture, depth of field, lines, framing, perspective, space, balance, and time.
- How to define your vision and identity as a photographer by exploring your passions and influences.
- How to keep your vision and enthusiasm alive by challenging yourself, learning from others, and experimenting with new techniques.

He hopes that by the end of his presentation, you will have gained some insights and inspiration for your own photographic journey.

Gary Black

Several members will share and talk about three of their favourite photos 

Dr Sean Landsman will feature photos from his portfolio as case studies in how he uses underwater photography as a complement to his professional interests (as a fisheries scientist) and as a method of visual storytelling.

Below: A double exposure photo showing rainbow smelt in a Prince Edward Island stream migrating under the cover of darkness.

Landsman photo

Instagram @seanlandsman

Twitter @FishNeedLove2

This competition will allow members to demonstrate their skills in producing Black & White images.  We will be following the CAPA rules for this competition which can be found at: .

Please note:  Only black and white images (i.e. gray-scale) are permitted; other forms of monochrome are not allowed.

Any topic can be submitted and with the annual Bruce Wilson B&W Print competition occurring in May 2024, this is a good opportunity to test your skills in this genre.  Images used in this competition are eligible for entry in the Bruce Wilson.

Colour images are permitted the General category only.

Barbara Brown will offer a survey of the photographic projects she has undertaken over the past few years. She will talk about the development of project concepts and speak about the working collaboratively with other artists in the creative process and how photography plays a role in the development and presentation of her art work. She will share insights from the various artist residencies she has participated in and give a preview of her current projects.

BBrown_Home Garden Longscape Series- Winter Solstice_2020_archival pigment on cotton rag_100 x 243 cm-

Title: Home Garden Longscape Series

The Still Life Special Interest Group has been running a number of still life workshops in 2022 and 2023.  Attendance and support by club members has been high. 

This competition will give RAPC members a chance to demonstrate their mastery of this photographic genre

In order for photography to leave a lasting impression, the images must possess the power to captivate and reflect the creativity and vision behind their conception. Creating exceptional photographs should not rely on luck or mere coincidence, such as being in the right place at the right time.

Mike will guide us through the entire creative journey, starting from the initial concept, and progressing through thoughtful planning, executing the shoot, and then utilization of cutting-edge post-processing techniques, which can incorporate AI technology to infuse your final images with extraordinary enhancements.  You too can deliver results that are nothing short of breathtaking and leave a lasting impact.

Mike's photographic journey spans 4 decades. He has a wealth of experience and insights, from initial shoot planning to post processing. He no longer just “takes” images, he “creates” them. A born mentor and teacher Mike focuses on sharing his passion and experience with others. He supports others in various capacities offering presentations, classes and workshops.

His portfolio can be found at
You can also access his YouTube ‘Watch and Learn” series at no cost.


Michael has an encyclopedic knowledge of photography and will share some of what he has learned during his career in photography.

This competition is on the theme of music.  This could include images of musical instruments, musical performers, performing to music or creative image based on a musical theme.  We will be using the CAPA definitions and rules for this competition.  Details can be found at:

This is a continuation of a concept started in the 2022 - 2023 club year where a small body of work, based on a common subject or theme was presented

A body of work can tell a story or can be a number of images of a similar subject matter.  The viewer must be able to see and understand that these images are related.  This means that similar format, similar orientation, a series that is either in monochrome or in colour.

The judges will be asked to assign a single score to the three images, much like  what happens with the Bruce Wilson competition.  Members can try out concepts that they may wish to enter in the Bruce Wilson competition as any images used in regular competitions can also be used in the Bruce Wilson B&W Print Competition that will be held in May 2024.

The RAPC has traditionally had one composition where the topic was formal or informal portraiture.  

In order to broaden the appeal of this competition, the types of images allowed will be expanded to include formal and informal portraits, street photography that singles out individuals or a small group of people and portraits of pets.

Images of wildlife or other animals that are not normally considered to be pets are not allowed.  Neither are general street photography scenes where people are not obviously the main area of interest.

Ginny will discuss how she got started with her unique style of photography and her current approach.



2.  The New Members Showcase is an invitation to display some of our new members’ previous and current works along with a couple of profile images and a short biography as an introduction of themselves to the Club as a whole.

This is a non-judgmental display of works that is designed to display New Members photographic interests and styles over the full spectrum of photographic topics of their own choosing.

Enjoy the evening’s display and get to know who has recently joined our Club.


Please note: this is an in-person competition and will be taking place at the RA starting at 7:30 pm.

This is the Club's pre-eminent print competition and is being held for the first time since the the pandemic. Entrants are required to enter 5 prints that are connected to each other in a series, or that are a “sequence” of images with a story line. Judging is by a single judge with experience with monochrome images who will comment on each set of entries and then select a single winner. We look forward to seeing as many members as possible attending this premier event.

2023-24 New Members Meeting Dates and Presentations

All Club Members are welcome to join the meetings

Meetings are held in 'Courtside A' from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.


September 19th Introductory meeting with Anna Nitoslawska, our Club Chair, and the New Members Team, Linda Johnston, Robert Laramée, Randle Wilson, Doug Spry and Kipper Trevorrow

October 3rd Education Team – Ross Laing

October 17th Studio Team – Rick Harris

October 31st Galleries & Exhibitions  Coordinator– Jane Spencer

November 14th Feedback Coordinator – Francois Gadoury

November 28th Fine Art Group – Maureen Murphy

December 12th Life, Faces & Figures Group – Mike MacKay

January 9th Nature Group – Presenter to be announced

January 23rd Urban Group – Hughes St-Pierre

February 6th Still Life Group – Allan B Cameron

February 20th TBA

March 5th TBA

March 19th TBA

April 2nd Pre-New Members Showcase Q & A session

April 16th TBA

April 30th 2024 New Members Showcase

May 7th Bruce Wilson B&W Print Competition

May 14th New Members Team critique