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COVID-19 Update – November 2020

The RA Photo Club (RAPC) has been operating as an online club since September, holding our weekly meetings via the internet.  Guest speakers, competitions and member presentations have been held online.   It was also announced that anyone who was a member in March 2020, when the RAPC was no longer able to hold physical meetings, would continue to be able participate in all online events, even if they have not renewed their RAPC membership.

In late October the RA Centre announced that the RAPC was officially open again.  Late last week, they gave the go-ahead to reopen the RAPC Studio.  They are also accepting membership renewals from club members, either in person at the RA Centre front desk or by phone at (613)733-5100.  The RA Centre is crediting the time the club was closed to the end of the membership renewals, i.e. anyone who renews, their membership will renew for 18 months.  The RA Centre requires that anyone renewing agree to a COVID-19 liability waiver as part of the renewal process.  I would encourage members to renew, as memberships dues are used to fund club activities.  Studio members will be contacted by Rick Harris, the Studio Manager, regarding the new booking and safety protocols for studio use.

From a practical standpoint, we will continue to deliver many of the club services remotely, but we can now also organize club outings and use the studio again.  These types of activities will be subject to any physical distancing and other COVID-19 harm mitigation activities including contact tracing.  Only fully paid-up RAPC club members will be allowed to participate in these activities where people get together in person.  You must sign up for these activities on the RAPC Events signup page if you wish to participate in any club outings.

Manfred Mueller
Chair, RA Photo Club. 

CAPA  Fine Arts Club Competition 2021 

Great news!

It is with great pride to forward the results from the 2021 CAPA Fine Arts Club Competition. Our club won the Gold medal for the six images with the highest total score of all clubs competing. Kudos are in order for Anna Nitoslawska, Beverley Dawson, Cajo Brando, Danielle Labonte, Guy St Jean and Guillaume Bissonnette!

Anna scored the third highest mark and also received a Third Merit Award Colour as well. Congrats Anna!

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Membership Renewal 

Effective January 15 your club membership will have to be current to get access to club activities.

With the RA Centre shut down due to the current lock down, no one from membership services is current on site at the RA Centre and the phones there are not being answered. To renew your membership, please send an email with your contact information (name and phone number) to Amanda Romozzi at or 

Club Program

Tuesday night meetings.

Plastic Beach is a set of still life images of foraged plastic refuse discovered along the shores of the Great Lakes and key locations along the St. Lawrence River. Here discarded shopping bags, fragments of milk jugs, and crushed bottle caps among other things are reanimated to show us the carelessness with which we treat this habitat that is home to millions of creatures. These items are the messages in a bottle that have washed up on our shore that we can no longer ignore.

John Healey

The full evening program will be devoted to AV shows produced by club members.

Children watching movie 

Stephen is an outdoor and editorial photographer based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Quote: "I love to travel as much as anyone else, but there is a significant value in staying focused on "close to home”. Our everyday surroundings offers the big advantage of time, waiting for preferred conditions, revisiting locations, and taking the time to fully explore a location. With my Island borders currently closed, my circle of adventure is limited to no more than a 2-hour drive. That can be a serious motivation killer at times but it also provides an excellent opportunity to tell and document better stories. What is travel for one person, is home to someone else, and knowing an area well can be a significant advantage over anyone flying in for a two-week stay. We do not need to wait for the next travel destination to do great work."


Stephen Desroches

Stephen DesRoches


Two Club members, Abby Gossage and Allan Cameron, will share work from their portfolios.

Abby Gossage's presentation is entitled The Changing Face of Ottawa - A Personal View

For the last fifteen years Abigail Gossage has been documenting the city around her.  Although in our daily lives we do not perceive change it becomes obvious over the years.  During COVID-19 much of her focus has moved to river walks, opening up new perspectives on our city.

Gossage (1)

Allan Cameron's presentation is on Exploring Still Life Photography

Allan states "In November 2015 I found still life photography. Little did I know how important it would be to me in 2020.  I would like to take you on my journey exploring still life photography … what is still life, what inspires me and how I create my images"

Cameron 20180307

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The RAPC is adopting the CAPA definition for Canada, My Country. For your convenience here is a link to CAPA’s detailed definition and rules for this theme:

Definition: Image(s) which symbolize our unique Canadian identity and the beauties and the natural beauty of our country, such as:

• cultural heritage

• geographical uniqueness

• historical events or locations

• iconic landscape/cityscape

• roughness of Canadian landscape

• seasonal uniqueness

• symbols of caring, confidence, courage, encouraging, helping others, nurturing, pride, respect, self-sacrifice and trust

• nature

• wildlife specific to Canada

• Architecture

To be considered for the CAPA “Club” level Canada, My Country competition, the image must have been taken within the last three years and not previously submitted and entered into this competition.

Images must be captured after sunset and before sunrise. The sun must have “fully set” - i.e., all of it must be below the horizon line, and not have “started to rise” - i.e., no portion of it can appear above the horizon line. “Glows” and “rays” of the sun in the sky are permissible as long as the sun has set and has not risen.
Please note that the dates listed for this competition are subject to change.

Meeting link:

Definition: A photographic portrait which is a representation of a living person, especially the face, OR a photograph in which the subject, the human body, is the primary interest. Entries are limited to POSED photographs of one or more human beings. The backgrounds may include statues or paintings of people provided that these are not the primary subject. Pet and animal portraits are excluded. There are no restrictions on location (indoors or outdoors) nor on lighting (ambient or artificial), however both must be considered and controlled.

This competition is for system testing only