Club Facilities



The studio group provides RA photo club members with access to a fully equipped studio within the RA Centre for the conduct of portrait, figure, glamour, still life and table-top photography. Located in basement of the RA Centre’s West building (Below Clark Hall) the studio facility is accessible to group members year round, except on rare occasions when the RA Centre is closed. The studio is a hub of activity during the winter months hosting weekly workshops and tutorials, and is also the home of the Studio Gallery.

The studio is not rented out to non-members.

To join the studio group, you can sign up at the East Desk of the RA Centre and inform the studio manager that you have become a studio member. After a mandatory briefing session to learn specific details on the use and operation of studio equipment, you get access to the online booking system with which you can book the studio for your own use.

Studio members can book time-slots through the online booking system. You are requested to book no more than two timeslots at a time and you are not allowed to have more than two active bookings in the same two week period.

Studio Availability

Week Days: 8:00 – 13:00, 13:00 - 18:00, 18:00 - 22:45
Weekends: 8:00 - 13:00, 13:00 - 18:00, 18:00 - 22:45

Note: The studio is not available on Tuesday from 8:00 – 13:00 as it is closed for cleaning and maintenance.

Studio Equipment

Specialized equipment available for studio use includes:

  • Several mono-bloc flash heads with stands

  • Two large soft-boxes

  • Two Strip Lights

  • Boom and various other stands

  • Several umbrellas for flash heads

  • An assortment of reflectors and light modifiers

  • Wireless radio controlled flash triggers

  • A flash exposure meter

  • Seamless paper backdrops of 9 foot wide in black, white and chromatic green

  • Painted fabric backdrops

  • Various props such as chairs, posing stools and tables, cubes, cloths, pillows etc.


Models can be booked via the Studio’s Model Pool. Once you become a studio member you will have access to the Model Pool Booking Site. Our models are all experienced, and have been vetted by the Studio Manager and Studio Group Leadership.. Studio users are responsible for payment for modeling services. 

The current rates for club models are: 

  • Portrait $25/hour
  • Glamour (Lingerie, non-nude) $35/hour
  • Figure (Artistic Nude) $50/hour

All model bookings and rates are based on a two-hour minimum.

Members are also free to bring their own models and make other payment arrangements with models such as "time for prints/CD" (TFP/TFCD).

About our studio staff

Studio Management Team
Studio Manager                   
Studio Assistant Manager    
Studio assistant                    

The studio management team is responsible for the day to day studio and equipment operations, booking and reservation coordination, responding to member issues and model booking requests and performs all new studio member orientations. The studio management team also coordinates studio based workshops, as well as produces and leads some of our studio techniques workshops.

Studio Mentor Team
Studio Mentor provide a program where inexperienced studio members can find experienced studio photographers to help them overcome their apprehensions about studio photography though a limited mentor/apprenticeship relationship during a practical photo shoot.
Booking Studio Mentors can help guide you through those first awkward studio sessions, assist you, setting up basic lighting structures, staging your shoot and help with guidance on how to work with a model to get the best poses and expressions for your shoot.  
Studio Mentors are NOT responsible for the day to day operations of the studio but rather provide a valuable learning and mentoring resource for the inexperienced studio member.

For more information about the Studio Mentor Program please contact the Studio Manager.

Studio Interns

The studio intern program is designed to bring in new volunteers to the studio management team. Each year we take in three intern candidates to work alongside of the studio management team and workshop leaders in a “learning by doing” environment. Studio interns learn how to manage the studio, assist in workshops, and have the opportunity to learn from studio and group leaders the complexities of studio lighting and studio management, and workshop support.
Studio Mentors are NOT responsible for the day to day operations of the studio but rather work alongside a member (or members) of the studio management team in performing the duties and activities necessary to keep the studio and studio oriented workshops in top running order.
For more information about the Studio Mentor Program please contact the Studio Manager.


Critical Rules

Use of the studio facilities for commercial photography is prohibited i.e. selling pictures that were taken in the studio. It is also not allowed to have non-studio members participate as photographers in the studio unless they are participants in a studio sanctioned workshop. Studio equipment cannot be taken out of the studio to be used elsewhere without the express permission from the Studio Manager)


Studio Group Leaders 2021-2022
Studio Manager
Rick Harris
Studio Manager-Rick Harris Studio Assistant-Manfred Mueller Studio Assistant
Manfred Mueller
Studio Assistant Manager
Geoff Carter
Studio Assistant Manager-Geoff Carter Studio Assistant Manager-Nathaniel Mallet Studio Assistant Manager
Nathaniel Mallet

Digital Scanning & Calibration Resources

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The Digital Resource Group is the place to come for your training, scanning and calibration needs.

Members of our group can borrow from our large library of photography books and DVDs. With well over 100 DVDs, we cover the gamut of General Photography Techniques, Color Management, Flash Lighting, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Check out the Training DVDs & Books Tabfor the complete list.

We have hardware and gear that we loan out to members, including a 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner, a Lens Calibrator, plus Monitor and Printer Calibrators. Click on the Gear to Loan out Tab.

We also have a Digital Lab located at the RA that has a very high-quality flatbed scanner that will scan up to 8x10 size, a 35mm slide negative scanner and a computer with CS3 and excellent scanning software.

We have automated the booking system for the room. Click the Digital Lab Tab to see the details.

To make it fair for all members, the items will be loaned out for one week at a time, except over the summer when they are loaned out for one month.

There is an extra fee to join this group. This money allows the group to acquire more equipment. See the Fees Page for details.

Digital Lab

The Digital Lab is located upstairs just past the Laurentian Room and before the Boardroom.

The Digital Lab is available all year, 7 days a week, (except Xmas day, Boxing Day, New Year's and Good Friday). New members of this group must attend (regardless of their level of experience) a briefing session to explain the particularities of the equipment and various accepted procedures of operation. This session is available on request. Please email: to set this up.

Bookings are divided into 2 hour slots from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. There is a limit of two time slots per day. To book the room click this link Booking System and change the dropdown to Digital. If you click on the calendar and nothing happens make sure the dropdown is changed to Digital. The key can be picked up at the east desk.

In the Digital Lab we have a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED 35mm slide/negative scanner (4000 dpi resolution).

New this year is a Epson 750 Pro flatbed scanner, the first flatbed scanner with ground breaking 6400 dpi resolution and unique fluid mount capabilities for photo studio applications. It has an enhanced optical system (High-Pass Optics) consisting of anti-reflective lens coatings. A high-reflection mirror provides the highest level of image quality and helps you achieve faster scans. In addition, the Dual Lens System from Epson optimizes each scan, automatically selecting from two lenses for the desired scan resolution.

The computer in the Digital Room is loaded with CS3 and in addition has on it:

  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 (special effect filters)
  • Nik Dfine 2.0 (noise reduction software)
  • Nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 (software for sharpening photos)
  • SilverFast Scanner Software - SilverFast® brings out the maximum quality from any device and clearly exceeds the results of the manufacturers' software. Although SilverFast is designed for professional image editing, it's so easy to handle the software that even beginners can create brilliant pictures using the intelligent automatic functions and the integrated QuickTime movies. SilverFast is available for Mac and Windows and is usable as a stand-alone software, as well as a Photoshop plug-in.

Gear to Loan Out


A second Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED was purchased with the intention of letting Digital Resource members take it home. New members of this group must attend a briefing session (regardless of their level of experience) to explain the particularities of the equipment and various accepted procedures of operation. This session is available on request. To book this seesion please Email:

Lens Calibration Tool

LensAlign is a Focus Calibration System that uses your camera's menu-based AF fine-tune function to match each of your lenses precisely to the camera body. You no longer have to settle for out-of-the-box performance from your lenses. You can now make them as sharp as they can be.

Monitor Calibration Equipment

  • X-Rite I1 Display Pro (this calibrates Monitors and Projectors)
  • X Rite colormunki will calibrate your monitor, projector and printer.
  • Spyder2Pro (this calibration device and will calibrate LCD or CRT monitors).

Photoshop User Magazines

These are available to all Photo Club members from the RAPC Lending Library at the weekly meetings.

Training DVDs & Books

To see the list of titles we have, click on the category and it will expand . For a full description of the DVD or Book, click on the thumbnail.

Digital Resources Group Leaders 2021-2022
Digital Resources Manager - Interim
Dennis Blonde
Digital Resources Manager - Interim-Dennis Blonde Digital Resources Assistant-Rafael Solis Digital Resources Assistant
Rafael Solis
Digital Resources Assistant
Jim Davidson
Digital Resources Assistant-Jim Davidson Digital Resources Assistant-Dennis Blonde Digital Resources Assistant
Dennis Blonde


RAPC Darkroom Equipment Library.

The objective of the Library is to support members wanting to pursue the art & craft of film photography without setting up their own permanent darkroom facility by providing darkroom equipment on loan from the Club's inventory.

Membership open to any current RAPC member wishing to borrow items of darkroom equipment. Prerequisite for membership would be possession of sufficient knowledge to use equipment without risk of damage (by virtue of prior membership of RAPC Darkroom Group or other training or experience).

RAPC Darkroom Equipment Group coordinator maintains a list of equipment available and on loan and checks items in and out.

Member responsible for transport of items to/from RA Centre. Pick up/drop off times to be arranged with RAPC Darkroom Equipment Group coordinator.

Loan period: 2 month with possibility of renewal for maximum 2 additional 2 month periods if no other member has reserved the loaned item(s).

Member must sign damage waiver; they are responsible for any damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear.

The equipment is organised into a kit including film developing tanks, an enlarger with lenses, easel, timer etc. as well as print trays and graduates. It is suitable for processing 135 & 120 film and printing from 135 film and 120 film (up to 6x9 negative size) on paper up to 11x14 inch.

For more information please contact the RAPC Darkroom Equipment Library coordinator at


Darkroom Group Leaders 2021-2022
Darkroom Manager
David Elden
Darkroom Manager-David Elden






The RA Photo Club Gallery, operated year round in the entrance foyer of the RA Centre west wing, is a top quality resource for displaying the work of club members. Initiated in 2004 and managed by a volunteer club committee, the gallery program is open to everyone from seasoned exhibitors to those just starting out in photography.

Exhibits are generally scheduled on a monthly basis, sometimes designed around a central theme but also including open displays having no basic theme. New exhibits are installed in the second week of the month. The gallery committee particularly welcomes exhibit proposals from club members either on their own or as part of a group.

Organizing a photography show, especially for the first time, can be a daunting and expensive proposition, but this venue provides club members with an opportunity to display their work without great cost. For those new to exhibiting, it also ensures a user-friendly environment. The gallery committee provides the frames, hardware, and expertise, and members just have to provide the matted prints.


Quick start guide to the RA Photo Gallery


To submit a proposal, send your image(s) either by email to or on CD to any member of the committee. The image should be no more than 768px on the longest side. For assistance talk to one of the Gallery Committee members who will assist you in submitting a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, be prepared to provide your print matted in a 16x20 mat with a total thickness no greater than 1/8". It is recommended that you use a white or off-white mat (or optionally black mat). This tends to work best in a gallery setting. That's it in a nutshell. If you need guidance or additional information just ask any member of the Gallery Committee. Submission details can be found on the web site Looking forward to considering your proposals.

The success of the gallery depends on submissions made by you, the members of the RA Photo Club. Be inspired by one of the "themed" exhibits or take advantage of an "Open" exhibit to propose your own ideas. 

Address all inquiries and proposals to


Galleries & Exhibitions Committee Group Leaders 2021-2022
Gallery Committee Chair
Abigail Gossage
Gallery Committee Chair-Abigail Gossage Ottawa Public Library Convenor-Izabel Dabrowski Ottawa Public Library Convenor
Izabel Dabrowski