New Member Group

The New Members Group meets every second Tuesday from September to May at 6:30pm and ends a few minutes before the weekly Club meeting at 7:30. The New Members Group’s meeting location and the evening’s subject are posted on the Club’s calendar page. Each new member also receives a reminder email.

The group’s objective is to facilitate integration and participation in the RA Photo Club by providing information on the benefits of the Club’s workshops, outings, competitions, showcases, social activities and help navigating the Club’s web pages. Experience has shown that many new members, regardless of their photographic skill have benefited from participating in this Group.

Typically, our meetings are used as an introductory platform that helps new members feel welcome and less intimidated when attending the RA Photo Club meetings. The New Members meetings normally start with a short Q and A session with regard to Club matters followed by the introduction of the leaders from the various sub-committees and interest groups (for example, Nature, Urban, Fine Art, Studio, AV, and others). The speaker outlines their particular group, its objectives and the benefits that new members could gain from participation. To assist in planning our speakers a short questionnaire is sent to each new member to ensure our programs are tailored to the members’ interests.

The RA Photo Club’s annual New Members Showcase is presented in a non-competitive manner towards the end of each year as a special evening presentation. Regardless of skill level, everyone is invited to provide a short selection of your work for presentation to the Club as a whole, along with a profile image and a short bio to introduce you to the general membership. There is no restriction on subject matter, nor on your selection of images, be it from your existing library or creations made since joining the Club by your participation in workshops (Studio) or outings (Nature/Urban) or Special Interest Groups (Fine Art, Faces & Figures). To prepare for this event, new members can solicit feedback from their peers within the group and from attendance at some of the Club’s Feedback Group meetings. In addition, throughout the year, new members are welcome to attend Club AV Group meetings where advice is provided in staging a short Club AV evening presentation.

Regardless of your current skill level, confidence or scope of interest; your photographic horizon will be extended by your participation in the many features the RA Photo Club has to offer. One interesting aspect of the Club is the hosting of guest speakers/photographers, and their recognized works, who often introduce us to fantastic insights of photography that many of us can only dream of. These guests are able to transport us to worlds of photography that are unique, educational and often out of the normal realm of photography for many of us.