Special Interest Groups

Audio Visual Group

Welcome to all new members of the AV group and a special thank you to all those who continue to participate and provide support to the various activities of the RA photo club.  The purpose of the AV group is to provide members with an opportunity to discuss specific AV topics, give members an opportunity to showcase some of their work and, through focused discussions gain a better understanding of the important components to consider when putting together an AV presentation.

To meet the proposed objectives, the AV group plans to hold group meetings during the year. Dates and details for each meeting will be posted in the AV Meetings Forum

The AV Group also has a Discussion Forum at The Forums  where details of the AV group meetings will be given as well as descriptions of key resources and articles to support members in their AV productions.

Please follow the AV Forum for up to date information on all of the activities of the AV group.

Audio Visual Group Group Leaders 2021-2022
Audio Visual Group Leader
Norman Smith
Audio Visual Group Leader-Norman Smith AV Group Assistant-Jamie Johnson AV Group Assistant
Jamie Johnson
AV Group Assistant
Kathleen Hunter
AV Group Assistant-Kathleen Hunter AV Group Assistant-Ed Overstreet AV Group Assistant
Ed Overstreet
AV Group Assistant
Robert Macdonald
AV Group Assistant-Robert Macdonald

Feedback Group

The Feedback Group meets about once a month from October to April to give photographers an opportunity for informal critiquing of each other's work. Whatever one's level of photographic skill, everyone can benefit from feedback and advice on how to improve images. New members are particularly welcome to take part.

This year's monthly themes will be related to the following month's competition topics. All participants are invited to bring their work for comment within this small informal group. The club has many excellent photographers with varied opinions on what is "good", and members are encouraged to articulate their opinions about what they see. If you desire feedback from your fellow club members, this group is for you. There is no group membership fee.

Participants bring in a selection of their digital slides, or prints on specially scheduled "print" nights, to show to the group, and to invite comments. Group members respond by highlighting what they like about an image and to suggest ways in which it might be improved. Images should be submitted on a memory stick or CD.  Large format is preferred.

The aim is to help each other develop an eye for what makes an attractive compelling image, regardless of subject matter or medium. Feedback is always given in a sensitive and supportive manner and provides an excellent opportunity for learning how others view your work.

Meeting dates will be announced at the regular meetings and will be featured in the monthly calendar at Meeting Start time is at 7:30

Photo Feedback Group Leaders 2021-2022
Photo Feedback (Critique) Group Leader
Sami Kandalaft
Photo Feedback (Critique) Group Leader-Sami Kandalaft Photo Feedback Assistant-Pierre Gauthier Photo Feedback Assistant
Pierre Gauthier

Fine Art Group

The Fine Art Group meets about once a month from October to April.

The Fine Art Photography Group is focused on the operation and promotion of photography as one of the fine arts, education of members in this genre of photography, and the advancement of fine art photography opportunities for RAPC members, as well as the promotion and expansion of related fine art photography techniques and skills. Attendance at the Fine Art Photography Group sessions is open to all RAPC members. 
There are no special registration procedures or mailing notifications. 
As they are scheduled notices of Group meetings and events are posted in the club's calendar, in the Fine Art Forum on the website and sent to all RAPC members via the "rapc-announce" e-mail list.

Fine Art Photography Group Leaders 2021-2022
Fine Art Photography Leader
Maureen Murphy
Fine Art Photography Leader-Maureen Murphy Fine Art Group Assistant-Laurence Head Fine Art Group Assistant
Laurence Head
Fine Art Group Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Fine Art Group Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth  

Life, Faces & Figures Group

The Life, Faces and Figure Group, which was created by the amalgamation of the Portrait and Figure/Glamour groups, aims to support the club members who are interested in any of the broad range of types of photographs with controlled lighting. Much of activity revolves around photographing people: including head-shots, head and shoulder portraits, full and partial body portraits, couples, groups, family portraits, children, fashion glamour, boudoir and nude studies. The studio is also used for still life (e.g. product style images and macro work) as well as small family pets.

The mandate of the Life, Faces & Figure Group is to provide club members with the opportunity to participate in activities involving most of these types of photography.

One evening of the club’s regular program is devoted to the Life, Faces & Figure Showcase. On that evening, members of the group, and other interested club members friends, are invited to show samples of their work.

The group leaders arrange for photo-shoots and workshops covering a variety of the ways of photographing people. Some of the activities will be aimed at basic skill development, others will be aimed at providing creative opportunities and some aimed at providing both. The number of activities, and their specific topics will vary from year-to-year.

During the year, group members may be given the opportunity to participate in workshops and photoshoots involving traditional portrait photography. These workshops could involve studio or location portraiture. In the studio, the emphasis may be on basic skills and technique or may involve more challenging technical situations, such as high key portraiture. Outdoor shooting may involve basic equipment and natural light, or might involve more challenging technical shoots, such as sunset portraiture. The subjects portrayed are often models, who put up with us while we experiment and learn.

During most years, there are opportunities for club members interested in working with, or learning to work with, semi-clothed or nude models, where the human form the central focus of its photography. Often, organized shoots will have post-shoot critique and reviews. The group leaders welcome suggestions for activities, and invite the membership to contribute. Anyone can express interest in the Life, Faces & Figure Group group. There is no extra fee and this and it will open the door to invitations to the groups workshops and events.

There will be a charge for most workshops and photo-shoots, to cover the costs for models and make-up. All sessions in the studio will also have an associated cost.

For further information please contact any of the group leaders.

A Note About the Studio

The RA Photoclub has its own studio. Details of the facilities and rules for its use are explained on the Studio Page.

There is an extra fee to belong to the Studio Group and you must be a paid-up studio member in order to book the studio for personal use.

Studio membership is not required to participate in events organized by the Life, Faces & Figures Group. However, because they pay the additional studio fee, Studio Members receive priority registration and a discount on all workshops organized by the Life, Faces and Figure Group.

Life, Face & Figure Group Leaders 2021-2022
Life, Face & Figure Group Leader
Mike MacKay
Life, Face & Figure Group Leader-Mike MacKay Life, Face & Figure Assistant-Wilfred Oberthier Life, Face & Figure Assistant
Wilfred Oberthier

Nature Group


Welcome to the new members of the group and thanks to all those who continue their interest in Nature Photography. This is the largest group of special interest photographers at the RA Photo Club.Nature Group members undertake regular outings and special events to study and practice effective techniques in photographing wildlife and the natural world in the National Capital area. A regular feature of our activities are regular monthly nature outings

This year we are adding a new feature to our program of activities. We will be holding a Nature Group meeting three times in the year. The purpose of these meetings will be to; allow members to show a select number of images taken during the last season, give feedback on recent outings and ideas for future outings, discuss a specific Nature Photography Topic after a short presentation by a member on the chosen topic.

The first two meetings will take place in the month of October and January the last will be decided by the group. Check the event calendar for dates.

The monthly Outing in October is our "Fall Challenge" shoot is also a competition open to all members of the RA Photo Club. A trophy and a book are presented to the winner and are held for a period of one year. This award commemorates the memory of Don McVey, a Club member who passed away in November 1989.

Our monthly Outings are on a weekend Saturday, with Sunday as our alternate day in case of inclement weather.

View our outings schedule here.

Our traditional four seasonal outings will be integrated into this monthly program of activities. All programmed outings will originate from the RA Centre west parking lot to facilitate car-pooling and permit those who wish to follow a leader to the site that opportunity. Sign-up sheets will be available only for outings involving reservations for restaurants etc. Announcements will be posted to the Forums Outing section two weeks before each outing giving full details on the outing.

This web site forums will be the place where all the details for each outing will be given: time, place, route, special instructions etc., so mark your calendars with the dates of the proposed outings, read your e-mails and check the Nature Group Outings forum frequently. We will only make short reminder announcements at the Tuesday club meetings and refer people to the web site and emails for details.

For those who do not have access to the web, copies of outing information will be available at the regular Tuesday club meeting before the event.

To permit all members of the Nature Group to share with others the good personal spots they like to go to as subjects for making images, we invite all members of the group to post the particulars of outings that they are personally planning to make on the Nature Group Outings forum if possible, at least one week in advance. This will give a different perspective on the outings that we make and will, we hope, permit members to share their interest and enthusiasm for sites that we might not otherwise plan to visit at different times of the year. These outings can take place on a week day or weekend as the person making the proposal wishes. Since it is your own personal outing, other Nature Group members will be pleased that you are inviting them to share it with you. We suggest that you indicate the date, time and place of meeting as well as the location of the destination. It would be interesting to know what you expect to find there or what you find of interest in that area. You can also suggest special equipment or dress requirements for the occasion.

If you are looking for a place to go and shoot, you might find the PhotoSpots (Que side) and Photo Spots  (Ottawa side)  Lists of help.

The Nature Group (general) forum provides a place for Nature Group Discussions. This is where you can post any information or bring up a question or idea for discussion among Nature Group Members. We encourage you to use this area. The postings to this area are moderated by the leaders of the Nature Group.

In conjunction with the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club, we have developed a Code of Conduct when birding, either by binoculars or cameras. We hope to expand this Code to be more comprehensive and cover all facets of Nature, not just birds.

Lets have fun indulging our passion for Nature Photography.

Nature Group Leaders 2021-2022
Nature Group Leader
Roger Miller
Nature Group Leader-Roger Miller Assistant-Pierre Gauthier Assistant
Pierre Gauthier
Rick Harris
Assistant-Rick Harris Assistant-Ian Leslie Assistant
Ian Leslie
Lee Ann Starzynski
Assistant-Lee Ann Starzynski Assistant-Daniel Parent Assistant
Daniel Parent
Jamie Johnson
Assistant-Jamie Johnson Assistant-Danielle Thibeault Assistant
Danielle Thibeault

Urban Group

The Urban Group is a special interest group of the club focused on shooting "People in their Environment" and "Urban Landscapes". Environmental shooting includes street photography, people at events, or people in their work or play setting. Urban Landscape photography involves looking for the photographic possibilities in the cities and urban areas where we live and work. The group organizes regular outings, presentations and showcases. Membership in the Urban Group is open to all people in the RA Photo Club. There are no fees associated with this special interest group. The overall urban outing schedule for the year is posted here: Outings Information about specific urban outings can be found in the following locations. In the Urban Meetings forum. Information about outings is typically posted as a forum entry. Initially this is just a summary; details are added about 2 weeks prior to the event. The event calendar shows the outings, and has links to more information (i.e. links to the forum). The Event Calendar link is on the top menu line on the RA Photo Club home site
Urban Group Group Leaders 2021-2022
Urban Group Leader
Mario Cerroni
Urban Group Leader-Mario Cerroni Urban Group Assistant-Abigail Gossage Urban Group Assistant
Abigail Gossage
Urban Group Assistant
Glenn Bloodworth
Urban Group Assistant-Glenn Bloodworth Urban Group Assistant-Jeanne Laux Urban Group Assistant
Jeanne Laux